Our AdWords Results

Real Results and Real ROI in Google AdWords

Before leaving a trade and customs firm they were kind enough to allow me to use stats from my time managing their Google AdWords Campaigns.  I want to show you the real-world difference I can make in your online marketing.

I came on staff with them in January of 2012 and left in April of 2017.  Look as this graph showing their record monthly clicks prior to hiring me and after hiring me. CTR is the “click through rate” or the rate that ads shown are clicked by consumers.

low click through rate       

In fact, the entire graph below tells the full story.  They had a campaign running since May 2006 but the results were practically flat until I came on in 2012.  I was able to study the data and fine tune their campaign to make it into an AdWords performer.  That dip in clicks that you see later is when I shifted their campaign away from getting random clicks to focusing on clicks that would lead to sales conversions lowering costs and boosting ROI.  From there we steadily built the clicks back up over time.

After optimizing for clicks that led to conversions I was able to get a record of 399 conversions in a month.  How much is a sales conversion worth to you?

After focusing on conversions, I also worked on bringing down costs so that every dime they spent went further and generated more clicks per dollar.  A set it and forget it AdWords campaign can quickly become a money hole if it isn’t managed and maintained.  That’s why businesses need an experienced and dedicated “data pilot” to steer that plane and keep their campaigns on track.  For reference, the metric below “Avg. CPC” is the average cost per click.  Look at these snap shots:





I can share these stats with you and countless others can tell you tips and tricks for managing your online campaign without any fear of it hurting my business.  The hard fact is that if you don’t have the experience and the time to devote to this; no “magic secret to 1,000 clicks” is going to help you make a successful campaign.  It takes continual data analysis, fine tuning, and staying up on ever changing industry standards.  That’s why we need to talk.  So lets connect.


-Jared Berry, Founder, Owner, SEM Consultant