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Why Crawlfish SEM and AdWords?

Hi, I’m Jared Berry founder and owner of Crawlfish SEM, LLC an Search Engine Marketing company specializing in Google AdWords. Over my five+ years of Marketing and Business Development work at an industry leading Trade and Customs firm I was able to increase their website traffic by 1000% over those 5+ years. That’s an average of 200% a year. You can see the real world stats from my time at this company here.

How’d I do it? Bottom line: no magic tricks, no false promises of 1st page this or that, just hard work, data analysis and planning. I have the experience and time invested to make your online PPC marketing produce real results and real return on ROI. If you are a small business owner you don’t have the time to make AdWords and PPC (pay per click) work like it can. Even Google admitted that it may be too complex for small business owners. But 70% of all customers to brick and mortar stores searched for the product online first¹ and when something breaks you know you are online Googling repair services.

If you don’t have an online presence or have weak online strategy you are falling behind. I have the time, knowledge, and experience to make your online marketing produce results especially when it comes to Google Search and AdWords campaigns. Contact us and let’s talk about your online strategy.

Why did you spell it “Crawlfish” and not “Crawfish”?

When Google scans a website to determine where it should rank or how much it’s ads should cost it’s known as “crawling” a site.  Google “fishes” out the relevant keywords and determines how relevant that site is to any given subject.  This relevance determines how high the site ranks.  Like wise when Google crawls your site we fish out the profits.  Hence the “Crawlfish,” and since we are based in Louisiana the crawfish is our natural logo mascot.


¹ Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior VP of Ads & Commerce at Google, speaking at Google Next 2017